Heroic Nythendra down!

Frickin bugs!

Well, that took us long enough

After months and months of suffering we finally downed Archimonde, let’s all hope it is just an off tier

See you all in Legion


Good News Everyone

Took us a while, but Iskar is down; AndĀ this kill is not the big news this week, we are getting an old timer on the group: Reapz is again making a comeback (let’s hope he sticks around this time), and we are also welcoming a new member (although he dc’ed tonight) Jonjjon.

Well, there it is, you guys are officially part of the team. Now we just need Chico to get his internet back so we can trash talk during raids again.

Welcome Back

Figure i should post something

We did clear BRF, for some reason there is no video of us killing Blackhand, but anyway..

Tonight we finished a normal HFC run, chico died multiple timesĀ (as expected), and we hope we can have the RL and more importantly main tank back on sunday. Time to kill Heroic Iskar..

In the meantime, enjoy Gorefiend:

Heroic Blast Furnace down! SBS is now 9/10H Blackrock Foundry!